8-O Order and disorder

For the game we are presenting today we shall use the  chemical symbol cards  we haver already used in previous occasions.We shall only use the cards corresponding to the nine first elements: from Hidrogen to Fluorine.

First of all we shall sort the cards on a pile attending to their atomic number, showing the symbols: on the bottom we put Hydrogen, over it Helium, after that Lithium, … and so on. We finish with Oxygen and Fluorine.



Next we flip the packet of cards, so we can see the back of the cards and we cut the pile. We complete the cut putting one packet over the other.

Now we deal in two piles, dealing to left and right alternatively. The cards are dealt facing down, so that we cannot see the card that is being dealt.




We collect one of the piles, anyone, and we put it over the other one. Next we cut again and complete the cut.

We deal alternating left and right for a second time, we put one packet onto the other, we cut and we complete it.

With those actions the cards are unsorted, but we split the packet in two piles one more time: we deal alternatively putting cvards at left and right, after that we put one pile onto the other, we cut and we recompose the pile. Now we look which symbol is shown in the bottom of the deck. Next we shall take cards from bottom to tops, one by one. The number of cards we are putting on the top of the deck is given by the atomic symbol of the card located at the bottom position. For instance, if the card located at the bottom of the packet is Beryllium, we must put 4 cards (taking Beryllium into account) from bottom to top.


We are close to the end. We put the cards on a line, from left to right, showing the back of the cards and without showing which element is hidden in each card.


There is only one thing left to do: flipping the cards, one each time, beginning with the one located at the left. Is it surprising?